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       When the student is ready the lesson appears.
                                                          Dr Charles Parker, Deep Recovery



We Have The System
At CoreBrain we provide outstanding learning grids for several levels of your private and professional interests. Your multiple CoreBrain benefits will take you to the places you wished to go, but couldn’t assemble the plan or the process.

Not only do you get the most contemporary brain, body, and self-management info in useful, common-sense packages, but with that world-class content we also provide the perfect learning process. Yes, it’s perfect. From thinking about your first love, to useful neurotransmitters and the latest brain science we cover core human challenges with consistent respect, fresh wit, and useful, street-smart wisdom.

CoreBrain training pulls together your next most important steps.

How We Work
Our conversation is horizontal: with you – not vertical, down at you.

With CoreBrain learning systems your personal evolutions can take place every day of the week, as long as you are with us. Sharing your process and progress in teams with attendees from all over the world accelerates your learning process. Synergistic learning works.

Coaches and software combine to first identify your personal travel objectives, and then use specific maps to arrive at your chosen destinations. We use the internationally acclaimed principle of Kaizen, from the rebuilding of Japan after WWII: Kai – continuous, Zen – wisdom. Our CoreBrain Kaizen process is simply awesome from any learning perspective – used by PhD’s, writers, and tenured professors to complete massive academic tasks, it’s based on planning and common sense. Kaizen works, but only if you work it. Our Coaches show you exactly how.

Confidentiality and Team Together
Either anonymously or as yourself we provide a state of the art, remarkable learning environment that, once you see it, you’ll wish you had it available in high school, in college, or in any professional school. Our CoreBrain Training secret is no secret, and it works far better than any do-it-yourself strategy – that secret, that extremely cool everyday app, is team teaching and team learning – synergistic learning.

Personal development:
Consider this essential point: No matter your station in life, no matter how many times you’ve been hit by the bus, you can get up and move on with the right plan, and the most effective self actualization process. In this crazy world advanced self -management skills and leadership always matter. With creative strategies you’ll never get in therapy, and far more help than tyrannical invective, our systems support personal accountability for your lifetime. CoreBrain is about self-realization. No one will ever know how stuck you’ve been, unless you tell them.

Let this point sink in: No one anywhere is teaching these challenging new CoreBrain medical concepts and tools as a set. No one is even thinking about using a refined team method to hone your personal and clinical assessment skills, to grow your business, to grow your patient skills, to grow your practice, to provide for you multiple different streams of income in the context of evolving neuroscience principles. CoreBrain rekindles why we started human service work in the first place. CoreBrain is not an academic club, it’s a mutual medical self-actualization process.

Let’s Travel Together
Your team evolution at CoreBrain: it’s about we – not me.

Looking forward to walking with you on the inside,

About CoreBrain

CoreBrain science answers await our mutual next steps, just around that next turn in your road travels. CoreBrain maps will take you to more interesting, more predictable lands, with less missteps and guesswork. Dynamic, utilitarian mind answers do live beyond our current superficial, categorical DSM-IV-TR maps. At CoreBrain we’re available to both deliver and teach deep mind-data assessments, just a few common sense clicks beyond outdated label-making, in that new land of Real Evidence. Peer reviewed fresh vistas, new views of mind practice, anticipate our work together. Join us for travels in these essential new lands. Mind science translations work at every street level.


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