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How Reality Changes The ADHD Medication Rules Advanced Training For Both Public and Professionals

Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.
Galileo 1615

Last time I checked, the mind was connected to the body. Are we – are you – missing something?

See This CoreBrain Reality Video Sample – An Overview

Review this clear, 1 hr 20 min Complimentary Review of How Reality Changes The ADHD Med Rules – Video Sample – 43.40m presentation, Q&A follows:

This CoreBrain Training Video Link for Reality and ADHD Meds. 

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Yes Reality Matters, In Several Important Ways – The Biology of Mind Body Connections

Mind body connections remain self evident to even a casual observer, right there within anyone’s visual field. Harmony between our minds and bodies helps us function as humans. Why then, do so many overlook crucial biologically-based balance points when working to heal ourselves with ADHD meds?

Balanced biomedical insights provide new ADHD medication management tools. ADHD Medication Rules evolve dramatically with new neuroscience discoveries and remarkably improved, streetwise applications.

It’s not a secret: at CoreBrain we’re on a mission to build informed medical teams globally.

Then: Attend CoreBrain Reality Web-Workshops

Workshop Overview: How Reality Changes the ADHD Med Rules

These Web-Workshops use the latest, most remarkable Adobe Connect software to provide 6 full hrs of live video, informative slides, and answers to your questions – all recorded for your later review if you can’t make the live meetings. As an Amazon six category best selling author of New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense, I’ve been teaching my medical colleagues medication details nationally for almost 20 years.

I’ve decided it’s exactly the right time to take my message to the public in video.

If you started with one of our 1 hr complimentary Reality meetings [the one linked above will do], this Video Program on How Reality Changes ADHD Medical Rules is the Advanced course for the latest improvements in ADHD med applications. From psychopharmacology, to SPECT imaging, to informed testing on immune dysregulation I’ve written about these important advances for 7 years at CorePsych Articles, with 400 complimentary public service reports on the many ADHD medication troubles I’ve witnessed in my years of speaking with thousands of medical colleagues.

These CoreBrain Web Workshops  –  Each 1.5 hour long with time for Q & A – take ADHD Meds Understandings to a completely different biomedical level that explains even more carefully the details I discussed in New ADHD Medication Rules –  For a total of 6 hours of Reality Training.


Consider: Why Attend? …Your Home Town Reality

Innocence And Denial: After hundreds of presentations from LA to NYC I can tell you with certainty that medical misinformation and simple innocence prevails in every part of the country, – and even more so globally. Far too many remain awash in overt biomedical denial. I’ve witnessed the pain and suffering caused by insufficient biomedical information first hand, for years, and am determined to participate in clarifying these new medical insights – for both public and professionals.

Learning Agenda – Four Different Program Recordings, One Compelling Topic [Available Soon]

1. Why Bother: Why do so many suffer from these problems of medical innocence and misinformation? Why does paying attention to the latest neuroscience rules matters so much? Treatment failures proliferate because far too many who use ADHD medications are simply not adequately informed. In this first meeting we tell you details about the consequences of insufficient medical information. First we assess the profound emotional and life consequence of not paying attention to these new details. Our current maps need revision.

2. How It Works: How should you consider your future medical self-management steps? Once the problems are identified, we’ll discuss fresh applications for ADHD meds. Understanding the science does require more useful information and additional easy, specific ways to understand how to fix those multiple medication problems. Without a game plan, too many remain lost in the woods of misinformation with inadequate maps. This meeting discusses details of the larger picture regarding metabolism, brain and body connections. Knowing about brain and body connections repeatedly improves treatment outcomes. 

3. What To Do 1: What do these new insights provide for specific applications in everyday office care? Exactly how to ask questions about ADHD medication use and expectations requires careful review. As Galileo pointed out in 1615, measurements matter. Measurements with or without your local medical team will help you and yours drive more carefully down that medication road. Without more precise measurements and specific maps you can remain lost for many years. For example: simple questions about medication duration must become the standard of care.

4. What To Do 2: What further biomedical details and testing applications will answer deeper questions for unpredictable treatment failure? Additional, even more specific biomedical measurements make a big difference, yet do take just a little longer to understand. This second hour on exactly-what-to-do provides more insight into the varieties of biomedical testing. Now considered unconventional by some, in 10 years the details in this last hour will become the standard of care. Those suffering with ADHD medical issues want specific answers, real data points for change, and this last Web Workshop spells out specific details with sufficient time for Q & A to pull all the meetings together.

Nowhere else is this considerable amount of useful ADHD Medication information available directly to the public.

See you on the inside!
Dr Charles Parker
Author: New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense
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  1. Mike Nachman, M.A.

    March 14, 2013

    Great stuff as usual Chuck. Reality bites, but you have the first aid.

    • Dr Charles Parker

      March 15, 2013

      You are the man! Thanks for showing up, loved that format, more coming! Appreciate!

  2. jenna

    March 15, 2013

    really enjoyed the presentation last night. very informative

    • Dr Charles Parker

      March 15, 2013

      Your welcome over at our house anytime!

  3. Dan Robinson

    March 18, 2013

    (Me: the last question Thursday night)

    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Webinar. I’m new — still juggling meds after diagnosis; so all this is new as well.

    I’ve tried unsuccessfully to Google the coach or HCP in Asheville you mentioned that’s affiliated with your group. Can you refresh my (ADDled) memory?


    • Dr Charles Parker

      March 19, 2013

      Hey Dan,
      Thanks for showing up and the questions, – fun meeting on video! I can’t remember the context of that discussion regrettably. The only doc in know in Asheville is a woman who has retired and is almost purely functional med, not on the ADHD path, not familiar with stim meds. I’m working to inform docs nationally so more will be available here at CoreBrain. Tell me exactly what you’re seeking and I may be able to hook you up with someone who could work for you.

  4. cynthia curran

    August 12, 2013

    Dr Parker: they didn’t have coaches for the disability in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and I had the hyperactive label with only the medication until age 14. They thought you out grown it in the 1970’s. Now reading some of the literature seems to be true that I might actually have it.. There were also radically different IQ tests in school from 67 to 86. I’m currently taking an IQ test again and learning problems test and emotional to try to qualify for services thru the vocational rehabilitation in Arizona.

    • Dr Charles Parker

      August 13, 2013

      Your challenges, I’m sorry to report, are representative of a very large denial issue that still exists globally. Far too many professionals don’t read the literature, and see, as the current diagnostic standard implies, only superficial behavioral imbalances – most of which dissipate with maturity. Since antique diagnostic strategies are solely based upon appearances, or psychological testing also, for the most part, based upon those same appearance criteria, thousands go untreated and missed.

      When one mixes that pervasive oversight with the complexity of contributory factors that also remain overlooked – the biomedical contributions to challenged Executive Function the numbers multiply exponentially.

      It’s the pain from the inside that kills self esteem and self mastery – leaving so many to remain frozen in life without “corrective lenses” to improve their vision of themselves and the world. I do hope you will join us for this Reality summary to help you and others find the language, find the methods, to move forward w your medical teams. Thanks for weighing in.

      Don’t forget that I’ve been producing complimentary videos at YouTube: drcharlesparker for years, and writing free articles for 7 years at – now over 400 in number. Together we can make a difference.

  5. Michelle

    October 24, 2013

    Dr. Parker,

    Please…my son really needs the help of a professional in SPECT like yourself. We are in the Tampa area. He was diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar, anxiety, and depression years ago. He is 26. I don’t know if he’s on the right meds. Cymbalta, Abilify, Xanax, and most recently, Vyvanse, then changed to Nuvigil. Yes, he fits these diagnoses, but he has periods of “not wanting to ever wake up again, because happiness is only temporary.” There is a lot of anger and negativity and hoplessness that accompanies these episodes. He isn’t even employable because they fire him or he quits EVERY TIME. He’s about to be homeless.
    Is there ANYONE in our area you can recommend? This is critical.

    • Dr Charles Parker

      October 25, 2013

      Sorry w my unusually busy webinar schedule I am just now reading your note here.

      We do offer several ways we can work together regarding a more evolved evaluation. My first, least costly recommendation is that you set up a phone conversation with you and your son, or if he resists, just himself, so that I can talk to him – and more fully understand him – after reading the details of his comprehensive CorePsych questionnaire. If you wish to do SPECT we can get it done, and read it long distance as well, – but I do think there are better ways to spend your money, with more exact, more cellular, evidence. SPECT will give us excellent info, and the additional testing which will most likely prove helpful can run about 1.5 – 2 K for the tests and consult – the SPECT series runs about 3.5 K. All our cost and choices are available at – Desiree can set it up asap.

      Look forward to chatting, – no one near you can offer the details in our comprehensive CorePsych evaluation. I’m working to train folks. Also we can suggest a coach down there: Jeff Copper is excellent, and can help pull deep details together, but I don’t recall exactly which town in FL he lives in.

  6. Dr raju

    December 13, 2013

    What is your experience treating adult ADHD with vyvanse more than 100 mg day
    Not able to get more than 70 mg a day from insurances

    • Dr Charles Parker

      December 13, 2013

      Dr Raju,
      Consider the fact that 20 mg of Adderall roughly = 50 mg Vyvanse… and then do the math. Lemme think, do any patients take adderall 20 mg BID? Duh!

      Not a problem at all, just a problem w the ins company using the FDA ‘permission’ as an excuse to avoid responsibility for proper dosage and adequate care. The doc and the patient both pay a terrific price for the bean counters to drive new cars with no pharmaceutical education whatsoever. We gone from considering experience, care and thoughtfulness as valid tools to paper, small minds and limited education folks following cookie cutter rules in the new fascistic state of non-pharma.

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